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 Missing Him and Wondering

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Missing Him and Wondering Empty
PostSubject: Missing Him and Wondering   Missing Him and Wondering Icon_minitime08/06/07, 05:33 pm

Ever miss the way someone makes you smile?
I do
The feeling like you're walking on air
I miss that feeling
There was a day when three words made me that way
Someday there will be again
I miss the smile that he gave me
The pure laughter that only he created
I miss his arms around me
The sparkle in his eyes
I miss the protective personality
That, when anyone else, annoys me
But I found it cute with him
I was his girlfriend, if you asked the right people
Will I ever find another to love?
One that can be an addiction?
That can captivate my attention?
Someone who can be my lover and my best friend?
Will I ever be able to chance it again?
To find someone I can be my self around
Someone to hold me through the tears
Someone to be the beginning and the end of me
So I'll just sit here and wonder
Waiting for my trust to build

Missing Him and Wondering Fire_line
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Missing Him and Wondering
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