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 What is a Memory?

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What is a Memory? Empty
PostSubject: What is a Memory?   What is a Memory? Icon_minitime08/06/07, 05:34 pm

What are they?
A question with so many answers
Maybe, just maybe, these are some of them

They are reminders that we are human
Some make us cry, others laugh, and some angry
They bring the dead back to life
Cause us to realize the lose
Show you the reason for your actions
Remind us why we love, why we care
Loved ones and friends lost
May walk again should we but remember
Sometimes memories come in photographs
A date, maybe even a song
Some is triggered by a thoughts, or saying
Playing like movies in my head
Loosing your friends can hurt more than a relative
Loose a lover and you could loose yourself
Smiles and laughter can make the pain more evident
But most of the time, memories are all we have left

What is a Memory? Fire_line
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What is a Memory?
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