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 Strong as You Need Me to Be

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Queen Bitch
Queen Bitch

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PostSubject: Strong as You Need Me to Be   08/06/07, 05:34 pm

People crying
People dying
All of them need strength
Some think I can provide it
I am not as strong as you think
Or I wouldn't be such a wreck
I miss a lover terribly, memories still haunting me
And I have cried more than I can remember
Memories and dreams flow through my mind
Causing a breachin in this once heart of stone
I wish I was as stong as the kids need me to be
As strong as y'all want me to be
But I'm not
I probably never will be
This thought upsets me
Heh. Truth hurts
You say I can do it
I don't think I can
To love again, and as strongly
Scares me, 'cuz nothing lasts forever

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Strong as You Need Me to Be
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