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 Spring-time Thoughts

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Queen Bitch
Queen Bitch

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PostSubject: Spring-time Thoughts   09/06/07, 05:23 pm

Sittin' here waisting a mood
On this old tree stump
With thoughts of you blowing around
Like this spring breeze

Sleepy day dreams cloud my head
Like the clouds above
Wishing we were stretched out
On a hammock asleep

Sounds of the newly awakened life
Your touch as tender as the new flowers
Your eyes as blue as the cloud darkened sky
Would you lay me down in a bed of roses?

A heartache now passed
Caused me to stay away
Yet still you're so vulnerable to me
Thinking you won't get a chance

There's still some love left
In this tired heart
That keeps me coming back to you
I'm not as dead as the tree I sit on

I want to be just as close as
The Holy Ghost
C'mon and lay me down...
In a bed of roses

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Spring-time Thoughts
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