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Queen Bitch
Queen Bitch

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Quote : WARNING: Do yourself a favor and DON'T piss me off
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PostSubject: Huker   Huker Icon_minitime13/12/06, 04:45 am

"It's who you know & who you blow."

"Fat girl's hungry!"

"Fat people gotta eat... "

"Don't touch me!!"

"Lou-Lou, he's touching me!!"

"But it's dark.."

"Stop touching my fat!"

"Scotty its dark outside!!!"

"You need some Zantax cuz we can go ta Nana's & get sum."

"Hi, popa, we're goin' ta popa's. Not your house, Popa Lairy's!"

"No fuker, turn the boat around! I ain't playin' it's gettin dark!"

"Ya know what I did this weekend? Your dad."

"Damn the moons bright out tonight... *looks up & see's Coleman lantern on camper* Oh, never mind."

"Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!"

"Lou Lou you jized on my chin!!" as she wipes EzCheese off of face.

"Fuck you Todd!"

"If I don't remember it, it didn't happen!"

Huker Fire_line
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