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 Ride the Wind & the Waves

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PostSubject: Ride the Wind & the Waves   Ride the Wind & the Waves Icon_minitime04/01/07, 01:53 am


Rating: PG-13, possibly R later on
Pairing: You/Jack
Categories: General, romance
Disclaimer: I do NOT own PotC.
Summary: You are 18 and just graduating high school when you get sucked back through time while doing a Power Point over Pirates, the only thing you have with you is a book your mother had bought you a few years ago. What will you do with what you know? How will you survive? Will you change history? Read on to find out.

CHAPTER 1 – Pirates

You are eighteen and a senior in high school. Your speech teacher, Mr. Gowers, was making everybody do a presentation about something in the past. He picked the topic and most got stuff like British Royalty and Conquistadors, but you got pirates.

Your mother had found an old book in an antique store that was a pirate journal. The pirates name was unknown but the book was full of maps to treasures only recently found, or not found at all, and considered extremely valuable. In the back of the book was an incantation that you had never tried but had been tempted to. Best of all it had a map to Isla de Murta. It was May 6th when you found out the pirates name, it was on the bottom of the last page. He was John Maliky and he was hung on the gallows of Port Royal.

It was late that night when you decided to try the incantation, surrounded by a mass of white candles, you read it aloud before falling asleep on your bed with nothing but pajama pants and a sports bra on.

* * * *

You awoke to the sun beating down on your face and the steady rocking motion of what seemed to be a ship. “Ye alright?” a young, dark skinned woman asked.

“Yea, where am I?” you asked as she helped you into a sitting position.

“Get the girl something to cover herself with!” a portly older man ordered. You watched as what you guessed to be the captain remove his shirt and hand it to you. You put it on and watched quietly as everyone turned around and went back to work. “I’m Mr. Gibbs, this is Anamaria, and he is Captain Jack Sparrow.” He said pointing to each person as he said their name. “We rescued you from drowning.”

“Where am I?” you asked again.

“The Caribbean, luv.” The man introduced as Jack said, “Who are you and where did you come from?”

“I’m (your full name) and I’m from a Los Angeles, California… The United States of America.”

“Tha' be why she has a different accent, she’s from the Americas.” Ana said looking at Gibbs.

“Come on, let’s get you out of the sun.” Jack said offering his hand to you. “Gibbs, can ye get the lass some breakfast, she’ll be in me cabin.” He said scurrying away, Ana gave him a warning glance as he lead you away. Jack lead you bellow deck to a beautiful set of cherry wood doors. Jack reached down and opened the door to reveal a huge bedroom.

“It’s beautiful!” you exclaimed.

“Glad you like it,” he said as he dug around in the smaller room off to the right side of the room. He came out holding a towel in his outstretched hand “Here, use this to dry off with while I get you some clean clothes.”

“Thanks.” You said taking the towel as he went to a chest.

“Do ye mind wearin’ a dress till we get on land?”

“No.” you said as you finished drying off. There was a light knock on the door as you went into the bathroom to change cloths.

“Cap’n, I’ve got (you)’s breakfast.” Gibbs said coming in and setting it down on the desk.

“Thank ye, Gibbs, take over fer me fer a while.” Jack said goin to the bathroom door to look at your back. “Those are some nasty cuts you got there.” He said motioning to the gashes you had been examining. “Mind if I have a look?” he asked.

“No, by all means, you can prolly tend ‘em better than I can.” You said climbing onto the bed and sitting down with your back to him.

“This may hurt.” He warned. You could hear him putting something on the cloth he held in his hand. Gently he dabbed the cloth to your cuts causing a stinging sensation.

“What is that?” you asked when he finished.

“Rum, it helps fight off any infections you may get.” Jack said. You got up and went back into the bathroom, or privy as Jack called it, to finish getting dressed. You came out moments later wearing the white sleeveless dress Jack had given you. “Eat up.” He said motioning to the platter that sat on the desktop.

“Looks delicious.” You said sitting down and picking up a fork.

“I assure you it is.” He said answering another knock at the door.

“Cap’n, she left this up on deck. It was with her when Ana pulled her out.” A young boy about your age said handing Jack your leather AC/DC bag.

“Thanks, Conner.” Jack said closing the door as the boy left. “This must be yours.” He stated setting it at your feet.

“It is, hopefully nothing’s ruined.” You stated as you took another bite of biscuits and gravy.

“Want something to drink?”

“That would be nice.”

“I like you, Sparky, you gotta attitude and yer not afraid ta use it,” he said sitting a bottle of rum down in front of you.

“What is this?” you said smelling the contents of the bottle.

“Rum, luv, sweet nectar of the Caribbean.”

“Oh,” you said taking a sip, “tastes pretty good.” Jack smirked at this, how well was he actually gonna like you?

“Know any good drinking games?” he asked, coming up with an idea.

* * * * *

CHAPTER 2 – Quarters

“That I do. Got any shot glasses and tumblers?”


“What about ale?” you asked remembering how to make boilermakers.

“Aye, how much do we need?”

“Bout a barrel, unless you think I can drink more than you, then get less.” You challenged. “I also need two coins.”

“Consider it done.” Jack said digging out what you had ordered. “What’s this game called?”

“Quarters.” You said filling up the tumblers with ale. “The object of the game is to bounce the coin into the glass. If you make it, I have ta drink the shot. If I make it, you gotta drink it.”

“Savvy, but how do you drink these…” he asked confused as to the name of the drink.

“Boilermakers. You’ll drop the shot of rum into the tumble of ale and chug it. hopefully with out making a mess or swallowing the coin.”

“Ok, you first so I know how ta do this.” Jack suggested.

“Ok, gimme one of the coins. You keep the other.” You said filling a shot glass. You bounced the coin, purposely missing the glass and chugging the drink exactly how you were suppose to.

“Ah…” Jack said trying and failing miserably.

* * * *

“One more and I’ll go get lunch.” Jack said. So far both of you could hold your liquor pretty good but the rocking motion of the ship was getting you drunker than the drinks themselves.

“OBKB!” you exclaimed, Jack gave you a weird look. “It means ok.” He nodded in response and took his chance. He missed and downed his glass while giving you a weary glass.

“I’ll be back, don’t drink no more until then.”

“Ok.” You said looking out the huge window. Quietly he left the room and found some lunch in the galley set aside for the both of you. When he came back he found that you weren’t in the cabin.

Or maybe you were he just didn’t see you. He found you in the bathroom praying to the porcelain god, so to speak. “Ye alright?”

“I will be.” You said moments before finishing your business.

“Ye still wanna eat?”

“Yea, I’m better off if I do.” You said sitting down on his bed.

“I’ll have some water brought fer ye ta drink and someone come up ta clean the privy.” He said setting a plate of food down in front of you. He then left once again to find someone to do his bidding. You lay back and waited for his return.

You heard the door open and the sound of somebody coming in. “Cap’n?” he asked.

“You raised your head to see who it was. “Well, well, well so yer in 'ere after all. Fer once the rumors were true.

“Jonathon, she’s not up fer grabs. Touch hid nor hair on her head or ye’ll be sorry.” Jack warned returning with the water and an errand boy.

“Aye, cap’n, I was looking fer ye but found her instead.”

“What is it ye needed?” Jack asked suspiciously.

“I was wondering if we were gonna plunder a ship any time soon?”

“When we come upon the next merchant vessel tha' is not Mitchell McEntire’s we’ll do so.” Jack said, “Now back ta work!” he ordered. The man scurried back to his post.

“Who was he?” you asked watching a worried expression cross Jack’s face.

“Jonathon Huston, one of the more shadier characters of my ship.” He explained offering you a mug of water.

“Oh, thanks.” You said taking a drink before setting the cup down on what you assumed was a nightstand before starting to eat your food.

“When ye finish would ye like a tour of me pride and joy?”

“That would be wonderful.” You said.

* * * *


The sun was beginning to set as you stood on the deck of the Pearl with Jack. The tour had lasted awhile because you had asked how to work some things and of coarse Jack took the time to show you. You got to meet the whole crew while Jack watched for any foreboding looks.

Jack told you who to go to if you had any questions and you promised you’d teach him some more games. So you sat yourself on a barrel with a piece of paper and some crayons. The colors were: red, blue, green, yellow, and black. You created probably 200 cards and began writing numbers, reverse, draw 2, WILD draw 4, and WILD on them. (AN: if you don’t know by now, you’re makin UNO cards.)

Jack’s cabin boy, Connor, was helping you by cutting out the cards. Jack even gave you a leather bag to store them in. “Connor, can you read and write?” you asked noticing he wouldn’t help with the writing portions.

“No, ma’am.” He replied looking up from the card in his hand.

“Would you like you learn?” you asked.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Connor, please call me (you).”

“Ok.” The boy said smiling. Jack watched attentively as he steered the ship. Once you finished with the cards you told Connor to go have some dinner.

“Are ye sure ye can teach him ta read?” Jack asked later after you discussed your sleeping quarters.

“That I can Jack, I’ve been around kids all my life who couldn’t read. They all started reading cuz I would sit down with them and read simple stories.”

“Aye, but he’s not a li’l kid ‘bout ta start school. He should have been in school but I promised his father I’d keep him safe. The only way I can guarantee that is to keep him with me at all times.”

* * * * *

CHAPTER 3 – News in Tortuga

“Cap’n, Tortuga is near!” Sebastian said knocking on the door.

“Aye mate.” Jack said sitting up in bed. You stirred quietly from where you’d fallen asleep; in a chair with an ottoman. You’d been reading a story to him. He could find no way to move you without waking you so he let you be.

“Morning.” You said.

“Morning, you better get up and get ready.”

“Yes, I heard, Tortuga.”

“I promise you a good time.”

“What about Connor?” you asked pulling your newly washed dress over your head.

“You like him, don’t you?”

“He reminds me of a little boy I knew once…” you said sitting down.

“What happened to this little boy?” he said pulling you to him, he could tell your were a little upset by the memory.

“He was hit by a car four months ago. When I showed up here he was still in a coma. I miss him a lot and kind of hop, that you know… I couldn’t protect him, maybe I can the other.”

“Now, now, I’m sure it wasn’t your fault…” Jack soothed.

“That’s where you’re wrong. I was supposed to be watching him and I wasn’t. I was swimming in the pool. He had been playing in the yard and his ball rolled out of the yard. He went to get it without realizing that a car was coming. The girl was my age and tried to stop but couldn’t.”

“Luv, it happens. Why do you think I watch you so closely? I’ve been unable to help so many women who have been raped and murdered. Trust me, it’s not pretty.”

“I kinda figured that. The day Michael got hit I wished I’d died. No body blamed me, but they didn’t have to.”

“You blamed yourself.” He said, knowing the feeling.

“Cap’n, we’re coming into the docks,” Gibbs said from the other side of the door.


“I’m sorry Jack, normally I don’t do that.”

“What, cry?”


“Why, you gotta be human sometime don’t ya?”

“Yea, but I usually try not to cry.”

“It’s alright, I don’t like to cry either. In these times people would think yer weak. That they could easily over power ye.”

“It’s the same in mine.” You said shuddering at how alike and different both of your worlds seemed to be.

* * * *


“Jack, this is gorgeous!” you said looking at a group of chests to store your things in. You were looking straight at a mahogany chest that even included a secret compartment in the bottom.

“Ye like that one?” he asked. “Aye.” You stated running your hands over the lid.

“Look miss!” Connor said pulling you away, “Paper and pens and stuff!” you picked up two empty leather bound, hard back books, some ink, and quills, and some charcoal pencils to write with.

“What’s tha’ for?” Jack asked picking up the chest you had liked.

“I love to write stories and Connor needs something to write his letters in and stuff like that. Otherwise he’ll be using your ship.”

“Get ‘em.” He said as the clerk added the price of everything up. You then went back to the ship to drop your stuff off after stopping at the clothing shop. You tucked Connor in and then it was time for some fun. “This ‘ere is the Fallen Angel. One of the best bars in town.”

“Cool.” You said as Jack opened the door. He then ordered two bottles of rum and found a table. Instantly you were surrounded by hookers.

“Sorry girls, but I’ve got other things on my mind.” He said pulling you onto his lap and taking notice of the dress’ low-cut neckline.

“Did ye ‘ear ‘bout this big treasure tha’s ‘pose ta be unfindable?!” a loud mouth drunk asked some other guy.

“No, I ‘aven’t.”

“Word is there’s only one way to find it. A book an ol’ pirate by the name of John Maliky kept fer a journal.”

“Jack, I have that book!”


“I have the book to the treasure!” you whispered urgently in his ear.

“Oh…” he said.

“Let’s finish this and have some more. I wanna have some fun without worrying ‘bout falling overboard.”

“Yea, cuz ye get a li’l wobbly when ye get drunk.”

“Is there anything wrong with that?”

“No, especially when it’s more than a little inviting.”

“Well, you can’t rape the willing.” You said before clapping your hand over your mouth.

“Oh really…” he said thoughtfully.


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cherry kiss I love it hun nice job
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