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 A New Hope- shadows1234

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PostSubject: A New Hope- shadows1234   A New Hope- shadows1234 Icon_minitime04/01/07, 02:02 am

chapter 1
(the begining)

I wake in my apartment in a deep sweat as the face of the one who haunts my dreams appears to me again. i grab the bodle of whiskey on the nightstand, i take the top off and choke it down. i look out the window and realize it is raining again i climb out of bed and grab my pants and my black leather jacket. I hop on my motorcycle and speed down the road. i stop for gas at the local 7-11 as i go in to grab abottle of beer. two guys with ski mask and semi atuomatic weapons. they tell they guy at the register to empty the cash into the bag they threw him. they try to tell me to get on the ground or they'll shoot me. I ask the clerk "how much for the beer?" igonreing the robbers remarks. "w-w- with the gas it comes to $22.93." said the clerk loading the money into the bag. i throw a 100 dollar bill on the counter and begin to walk out. then one of the robbers made a big mistake he touched me i. "if you want to keep your hand then i suggest you let me walkout and you carry on your business if you want to keep it their then you'll surley lose." the robbers begin lauhing and waving their guns as the clerk finishes loading the bag. i grab the guys hand twist and snap his wrist then i grab his head and run it in to the counter. the other robber prepares to shoot but not before i could draw my gun from it's holster. i pull my nine milimeter and shoot him in the hand then i take him and put him in the sleeper hold and he goes out as i grab my beer and walk out. i tell the clerk "call the cops to come and pick these guys up" i hop on my bike and speed of chuging the beer along the heading to my place of employment." end for right now cause i have to go

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A New Hope- shadows1234
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