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 You Don't Understand the Tears I Cry

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Queen Bitch

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You Don't Understand the Tears I Cry Empty
PostSubject: You Don't Understand the Tears I Cry   You Don't Understand the Tears I Cry Icon_minitime05/01/07, 01:38 am

I know you won't understand
The tears I cried tonight
Tears of blood, anger, and hate
That I fought with all my might

Because you didn't understand
The reason of my flight
I just wanted to take a break
Get away from all this normality

You probably though I was with him
I that I was being a whore
I'll tell you now I was at home
Watching a simple movie

If I had been with him do you think you would have found me?
I'm not gonna end up like you
Not a teenage mom
I refuse to make all your mistakes

You want me to go to the army
I just smile and say “No”
I'm telling you why now
It's not because I'm lazy or even a little shy

It's because I'm not fighting
In a war someone thinks is right
Not to mention too many rules to be broken
And all in one night

Now do you understand
Why I don't do what you think is right?
I am a human, I have my reasons
Even if they may be harder than you think.

You Don't Understand the Tears I Cry Fire_line
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You Don't Understand the Tears I Cry
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