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 I Wish...

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Queen Bitch
Queen Bitch

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PostSubject: I Wish...   I Wish... Icon_minitime05/01/07, 01:41 am

How stupid could I have been?
Why didn't I just tell you?!
Now you've got another girl
To call your own.

I wish it was me
That you held at night
Single don't seem so fun anymore
It seems lonley.

I wish I would have told you
Looked into your blue eyes
And said "I love you"
But I didn't

But you probablydont even see it
Don't even know how much I care
Much less care like that for me
I wish you did...

I wish I had the will to move on
I wish I could get you out of my mind
But I can't
We're too close

There are alot of things I wish
Maybe someday they'll come true
Until then I'll try something new
Find faith in someone new

I Wish... Fire_line
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I Wish...
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