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 Pain- prettyblueeyes

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Queen Bitch
Queen Bitch

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PostSubject: Pain- prettyblueeyes   Pain- prettyblueeyes Icon_minitime05/01/07, 01:46 am

I wish you knew how much you hurt me
I feel the pain you caused me everyday
I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone
But you... oh yes I do
I want you to feel this pain
Just for a day
It really hurts
Did I really deserve it?
How could you do this to me?
You said you loved me
You said you cared
How could you lie like that?
Did you mean anything you said?
Did I ever mean a thing to you?
I could go on for hours asking you questions
But there is no point
The simple thing is
You hurt me
You took a piece of my heart and tore it up into a million pieces
Someone can try to put ALL my heart back together
Just like a puzzle
But the pieces won't fit perfectly
One piece is missing
And that's the piece I gave to you willingly
I never thought you would break it
I never thought you would hurt me this way
But now I know I was wrong
I Loved you with all my whole heart
I gave you my all
And you jurt me
Just like that
Pay backs a bitch
And I hope you know

Pain- prettyblueeyes Fire_line
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Pain- prettyblueeyes
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