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 Letter to My Daddy

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Queen Bitch

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Letter to My Daddy Empty
PostSubject: Letter to My Daddy   Letter to My Daddy Icon_minitime20/01/07, 04:59 am

His eyes are blue-green like the sea
His heart as big as it can be
He looks at me with want and need
Yet never bothers to try to fill it
His voice flows like molten silver
As he talks to me
Creating a laughter made of gold
He smiles stars back at me
His touch is velvety soft
His skin as warm as sun-baked sand
His heart beats like a drum
To a long lost lullaby
He hold me in his arms late at night
Rubbing my back in a soothing way
Almost as though Iím in need of comfort
When he is all I need
Heíll be there should the sun go down
Take me up to a higher ground
Words canít say what heíd do for me
But heíll always be there
Youíd think Iíve cried a thousand tears
But I never left the shore
A heart of stone Iíve hid from everyone
Yet he managed to make it in
Like a disease
He spread through my veins
Molding me to suit his ways
Not like he had to do much, everything was already there
All of these I have for him
But daddy, why canít you see?
Why canít you let me be happy?
I love him
And Iíll not be lonely because
You donít like the idea of him!

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Letter to My Daddy
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