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 A world unseen

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PostSubject: A world unseen   A world unseen Icon_minitime18/02/10, 07:01 am

Rated: R A world unseen Rpg005

Summary: Watching me

He watched her from a far
her hair shined in the moon light as she stood just out side her house.
He sat in one of the trees thinking how good it would feel if he could
take her in his arms and make love to her over and over again until
their body's were numb. Just thinking about her made him so hard it hurt
his member was like a rock it even hurt to move. He watched her as she
turned and walked in side her house for the night. He hurried and moved
to keep her in his sight.

He watched her she was now in her room
undressing. He leaned in closer to get a better look. Her breast filled
her bra perfectly and her bottom was hart shaped her body was like
nothing he had ever seen on any living being her hair reached her back
her black hair was like the night that he hunted and she had eyes of
amber she herself was like the night so mystery's she was perfidy for
him. He sat in the tree watching her even after she had retired to bed.
He sat until he realized the sun was going to rise soon and that he must
fine shelter for the day. He did not wish to leave his perch but he had
no choose he had to or he would not make it until the night. As soon as
he jumped form the tree in witch he sat he made his way to a large
house where his brothers rested daring the day. When he was safely in
the house he made his way to the living room where his brothers meet
after a nights hunt. Jagger turned to see him walk in," Alacard it so
nice of you to grease use with you presents." Jagger said bitterly.

my ass Jagger. I don't want to hear your mouth the sun is about to rise
and I'm tired so don't start with me."

"You must want your ass
kicked since you wish to speak like that to me Alacard not a very wise
choose brother!"

"Boys!" a female said as Jagger steeped closer to
Alacard, "That will be enough of that we are family and that will be
how we behave." the women said as she came down some stairs.

Snow forgive me." Jagger said

"Jagger leave me and Alacard I need
to speak to him alone."

"As you wish malady." he said with a bow
as he turned and left the room.

"Alacard something has been
brought to my attention." Lady Snow said

"And that would be?"

you have been leaving your brothers and going somewhere where I don't
know I don't like it ,you leave and no one knowing where you are you
could be attacked and no one would know!” she said with a sad smile

maladyif it all the same to you stay out of my business, it just so
happens I don't won't any one to know where I go and I'd like to keep it
that way thank you." Alacard said as he turned to leave.

why are you so damn bull headed, can't you see I'm just trying to keep
you safe?” she said.

"Look I'm tired and the sun is almost up
I'll talk to you later malady so please excuse me.” and with that he
left the room. The sun had began to rise and every one was in their
rooms sound a sleep as the sun began to rise higher in the sky the
brides began to sing. The sun began to seat in the sky no one in the
house was up until just after six Raven was the first a wake, Raven was
the Young's and only female besides Lady Snow in the clan. As night fell
the others began to rise from their sleep and prepared their self’s for
the nights hunt.

Wolf the oldest of the brothers was the first to
dress and go down stairs Jagger flowed behind him.

When every one
had made it down to the living room Wolf and Rage picked who would go
with them, soon it came to Alacard but he was no where in sight. The
brothers look all over the house but there was no sign of him. As they
looked for him he made his way down the street to a cafe where the women
he watched worked. He came in the cafe and took as site in the back a
way from the rest of the costumers. He waited and soon his black haired
beauty came to his table to take his order.

"What would you like
to order sir?"

"What do you Raimund?"

"Well the special
is good."

"What the special?"


"Sounds good
I'll have a medium rare stake then."

"OK is that it?"


"What else can I get you?"
"Your name."

"My name?"

if that's all right with you."

"Why my name?"

"So when I
come in tomorrow I can ask for you to wait on me."

"OK my name is

"Jade, it's a beautiful name for such a beautiful lady
like your self."

"Well thank you sir, Now if you excuse me I’ll
go have the cook prepare your food” she said with a smile.

wasn't long of await he's food was ready with in minutes. She brought
he's food to him then went to take care of a customer who just walked
in. Alacard ate his food then got up from the table and left a hundred
dollar tip. He left the cafe to wait in the shadows for Jade to get off
work. It was about nine when jade got off work it was really dark out
and chilly Jade shivered in the nights air as she began to wake the
three and a half blocks to her house and all the while Alacard followed
her watching her from the shadows. The wind howled as a storm started to
form in the nights sky. Jade quickened her pace wanting to get home so
she wouldn't get wet when it rained as she walked she heard a noise like
a whisper like some one calling her name Alacard heard the something
and know that it must have been one of his kind. She began to walk
faster her hart pounding in her chest she was scared out of her mind.
Alacard still followed in the shadows his eyes on every thing watching
and waiting for something to happen. Sweat prickled her brow she was
scared and out of breathe "What the hell she thought i have walked for
along time like this and no one has stalked me all i want to do is get
home." Still Alacard staied near that way he know she made it home but
still he could hear the faint whisper. Out of no where jade screamed.
my beauty iv been watching for while." Jade stood there scared she
couldn't move she couldn't speak.

"How rude of me here I'm
telling you iv been watching you and you don't even know who i am well
my name is Fear my dear and you I'm sad to say are my dinner."

stood there in front of Jade with a smile on his face before he turned
his head his smiled faded as he staid at the darkness as it began to
rain. Lighting lit up the shy and in the rain stood Alacard facing

"Alacrad so nice to see you again.I was hopeing you would
show up to night so you could watch this young beauty die by my fangs."

Fear said with a smile.

"Touch her and you will die were
you stand Fear just leave and i will spare your life tonight."

bad that if you killed me you would have to deal with the brothers and
Lady Snow but then again you don't care about your brothers do you
Alacard they don't mean any thing to you not like this human does."

you hide behind our brothers because you are a aferaed to face me is
that it Fear is that why you use them aginsted me?" Alacard said

not afraid of you Alacard in fact if any one is to die tonight it
would be you dear brother and I'm sure no one would care that you died
because you have betrayed us to look after the very things that threaten
are vary existent!"

Jade stood there as both men went on talking
her heart beating fast and her body shook with fear what could she do
she could run while they are fighting. Fear and Alacard still faced one
anther nethier one of them took their eye off each other. Jade still
stayed frozen in place by fear she still could not make up her mind
wearther or not to run.A few mines past and finally she made up her mind
that she would make a brake for it but as she started to back up to run
Fear spoke out loud.

"I wouldn't think about it if i was you my
dear it would not be wise."
Jade's eyes became wide as she thought
to her self.

"How in the world did he know i was going to run?"
she asked her self.

"I know everything you think my dear and
that's not all i also know every thing about you. How do you think i knew
you always walk home?" he asked her as he still staired at Alacard.

her alone Fear let her go home and let me and you settle this one on

"Now why in the world would i do that for when i mean to
take this humans life?"

" Do you really think ill let you do
that Fear? Why do you think that i would allow you to take her life when
you know the rules that Lady Snow has set for all of us?! "only take
what you need!" and now you whis to go ageist Lady Snow?"

"I see
it as this Alacard Lady Snow and the rest of you are all weak humans
are nothing but food to us and you and her and the rest of them think
them equal to us.Thats why we go unfeared and that is why we are hunted
down and killed by the very humans you pertacted!" Fear said in anger.

do you want me!?" Jade asked still scared out of her mind

my dear its because you simply are in the wrong place at the wrong
time." Fear said

"Why me i did nothing to be hunted down and
killed like food.I didn't even think Vampires existed and on top of
that i could never have hammed one of you i can't even stand to hurt a
fly so please let me go i beg you please!" Jade said near tears

and Alacard seem not to understand my dear i mean to get rid of all
humans not just you but your love ones as well."Fear said with a smile
as if he was pleased with his self

"You can't be searrsyie Fear
if you killed off all the humans then what would we feed on?"

really don't care Alacard you can starrive for all i care."

that is the case Fear you would starrive as well."

"Oh on because
you see i have my means to feed but the rest of you will die and i well
be the only vampire left on earth. But seeing as you have wasted my
time and the sun is going to rise soon i well kill her later tonight
until then my dear." and with that he was gone as quickly as he had came

better go he means what he says."

"What about you don't you like
shoot up in flames or something like that if you get catch in the sun?"

worry about me ill be fine ill fine some where to hide before the sun
comes up but i wont make it if I stand here and keep talking to you."

Well thank you for stopping him."

"Well for now he is gone but he
will be back trust me i know how Fear works."

"I know why don't
you stay with me?"

"I can't do that it would put you in danger.
don't ask why just trust me OK."

"OK if you say so."

looked to her left and when she looked back he was gone no good by see
you later nothing he was just gone. Jade stood there for a little while
longer looking out at the sounding area no one was there but her. Jade
took one last look then started heading home. She couldn't stop thinking
about what just happened was she dreaming was it all real and wasn't
that the guy from the dinner? All these thought filled her head and yet
she couldn't understand what had happen. Jade came to her house still she thought of the man who had saved her. He was the man for the dinner he was a vampire? No he couldn't be its all a joke right vampires wasn't real were they?! Jade entered her home turn on the lights put her stuff away and made her way to her room she laid down closed her eye and fall a sleep. Alacard was the first down stairs pacing the floor lost in thought, "Alacard what is wrong"
came a love in voice,Alacard turned to see Raven her sweet face smiling at him.
"Noting little one I'm just thinking". " Is it about that girl you have been going to see"? she asked sweetly
"How do you know about that"?
You talk in your sleep" she laughed
He smiled at her and said
"This will be are little secret OK"?
"OK big brother".
"Are you going to see her tonight before Fear gets to her?" she asked
"How do you know about Fear Raven?"Alacard said for that moment fear struck his heart and he feared the worst.
"I over heard him and Jagger talking about it just a bit a go".
"So Jagger is in on this damn it i should have seen it coming how blind am i?" I must go before its to late.
"Raven cover for me if anyone ask you you don't know where i am you haven't seen me"
"OK big brother but don't you think i would be more helpful if i went with you then to stay here?" Raven said with a toothy grin. " why do you say that"? he said rising his eyebrow. "You know that i may be small but i can do far more then you think plus i know What Fear and Jagger has planed for your human." "Raven your to young to go with me you'll get hurt and i then i will never forgive myself for letting you go no its to dangerous!" he said. "I'm not two im two hundred im old enough stop treating like a baby!" "Alacard im not a child any more i'm a woman i may be stuck in a sixteen year old body but i'm not a fucking kid,I'm wolf's sister damnit i'm a better hunter then him and every one knows that but you i colud track down Fear and Jagger faster then any one here I tracked you when you got traped in that bruning house two years ago and you thanked wolf, you know what never mind i don't want to go i'm sorry i asked!" Raven said with a tears in her eyes "Raven i'm sorry i didn't mean to upset you


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A world unseen
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