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 Anything But Goodbye

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Queen Bitch
Queen Bitch

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Anything But Goodbye Empty
PostSubject: Anything But Goodbye   Anything But Goodbye Icon_minitime13/12/06, 04:57 am

There's alot of things I'd do for you
I'd stay up all night
Wait all day
Wish upon a star

You're my bestfriend
You know me inside out
We share so much
And I trust you with everything

But there's one thing I will never do
One thing I will never say
I've had to do it too many times before
Promised I shouldn't have to do it again
But for you I will do anything
Say anything
Anything but goodbye

You make me smile through the tears
Fix whatever heartbreak you can
I don't care about your age
You're my addiction

I was just a kid when we first met
I've grown since then
Into a woman
Into a tease

In the night I can hear you
You whisper sweet words through my mind
It use to be an intention to be an obsession
But like I said, you're my addiction

But there's one thing I will never do
That I could never say or even think
One thing I will never say
I've done it too many times
Promised myself never again
For you I would give the world
But never will I say those two words
"Good bye"

Please don't go
Don't make me say it
Please don't make me
Please don't make me
Please don't make me
Please don't make meeee
But goodbye

Anything But Goodbye Fire_line
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Anything But Goodbye
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